Lea Black

Lea Black shares her take on the premiere.

on Sep 13, 2012

And we have seen some Emmy-award-winning crocodile-tear moments. Oh, the sagas of the real life housewife -- or not really housewife but maybe someday a housewife? Does it matter? It’s all so fun to watch, housewife, non-housewife, does anyone really care? Translation: the new housewife is any woman with a house (apartment, car, garage, a beach or a party) filled with drama. And if you're hot and sexy, well that makes you a super housewife. Then there’s the super-duper housewives (I’ll just let you think about that one).

Now, all about me. I mean I wouldn’t be a real "housewife" if it weren't all about me (Real Housewife Qualification #1). Did I snub Lisa? You'll just have to see how that one plays out, but I will give you a hint, I had said hello to at least a hundred people before I got to her and meant to go back to her, but then Elsa walked in. Elsa and I had spoken earlier in the day and she specifically asked me and I promised her that I would hang with her if she showed up. She was reluctant to go, not necessarily wanting to be in big crowds (and stay tuned, turns out her intuition was right). Hint #2, I think we may all eventually conclude that Lisa is very sensitive. Adorable, but very sensitive. (Did I mention her husband created her? (Not really, but it would be a good advertisement for his plastic surgery business, no?)  So, let me just apologize now, “Sorry Lisa, I could have given you more attention.” (But who knew you wanted any of my attention?) I'm sort of touched by that, I can be sensitive too, you know.). Strong and sensitive -- they're not mutually exclusive. Stay tuned and you can decide.

Hope you liked Episode 1. And if I left anyone out -- I've been known to snub you know -- don't take it personally. Enjoy the calm, it doesn't last for long. They don't refer to the Miami heat just because of the weather, the hurricanes which don't always include rain, and the mosquitoes really bite, those pesky little mosquitoes, I have names for a few of them. (Just kidding.  Not.)