Lea Black

Lea wonders how she should interpret Lisa's biting comments.

on Oct 25, 2012

I started a charity about 18 years ago, and I am a big believer that we should all do whatever we can to make the world a better place. One of the reasons I signed onto this reality show was to bring awareness to causes that I think are important. I guess another reason is for a bit of comic relief.

Then we had Karent under attack again. Now that's "hilarious." Next.
Well next except for a couple of double standards. Some people, Marysol in particular, allege that they don't engage in gossip. Well that is unless it's about me with her protector, or gossiping about Karent poolside, or at a "bloomers" party, or not correcting false accusations she clearly knows are false -- "enabling" at its finest. She even gossips about charity volunteers. And of course the gossip about if a big blonde (Elaine Lancaster) should show up, she (Marysol) can't face up. Oh, the non-drama drama Marysol brings on herself. After all, what would a PR firm be without gossip, hearsay, and buzz?

As for Adriana, the blog she was referring to was published by Lesley Abravanel, a Miami Herald columnist, who tells it like she sees it. (Don't take it personally, girls.)

Karent says the article twisted her words -- reminds me of when Charles Barkley says a few ugly things about his teammates in his book then claimed he was misquoted. One journalist said, "But Charles, you wrote the book." Like the Housewives or not, Lesley's blog was the catalyst for, well, tune in next week for the ultimate Housewife addict’s "fix" maybe even "mainlining fix." Bombshells (both chocolate and vanilla and both with big personalities and star qualities) at their feistiest. Sunday night's episode may be an overdose if you are a true addict, a real Housewives addict that is.