Lea Black

Lea hopes that Lisa's in-laws can see how great Lisa and Lenny are together.

on Dec 4, 2012

The Complexities of Relationships

This week we got a glimpse into the relationships of families.

Lenny's family and the beautiful lunch served by Lisa for her in-laws shows once again how important it is to Lisa to have a close relationship with Lenny's parents. You can see and feel the tension between Lisa and her in-laws, and see how difficult it is for her to be accepted by them. One wonders what expectations her in-laws had of who Lenny would marry. Obviously Lisa isn't quite what they expected. I find it sad that they can't see who Lisa is for Lenny, how happy they are as a couple, all the goodness Lisa has, and how important it is to Lisa to win them over. It once again points out the obvious: what you look for, you will find. If you look for the goodness, it is there, and if you look for what's wrong, you can always find something.

Fast forward to the relationship between Adriana, Frederick, Alex, and Frederick's family. You can see, and feel, the love in the air. Frederick's parents have embraced Adriana and Alex as children of their own. It's easy to see where Frederick gets his class, style, and generosity from.