Lea Black

Lea weighs in on Joanna and Romain's turbulent relationship.

on Sep 27, 2012

Miami in the Fast Lane, starring Joanna and Romain!

Finally, Miami shows up! And it’s ORGASMIC. And it’s about time. Now I recognize Miami, the Miami I know and love. It's so exciting to see the supermodels, hot bodies, bikinis, sports cars, nightclubs, drag queens, hot tempers, boobs, pretenders, champagne, and the American flag.
This is the “Romain and Joanna take Miami” episode. Let’s start with the blonde bombshell in a skimpy negligee (and we know he likes vanilla not chocolate, thank you, Adriana!) sitting on top of the super hunk who prefers texting to sexting. "Show me a beautiful woman and I will show you a man tired of taking her sh--," he says. What was that about? Hmmm... Certainly no “climax” here.
Then fast forward to the thrill of Romain getting his citizenship; that was truly overwhelming. Was I the only one wiping tears away? What a special time for him and what a way to showcase Miami. This is the city that is the nucleus of many people’s dreams. Miami is inspiring for so many who started with so little other than their aspirations and dreams. It epitomizes hope, freedom, and prosperity and rewards you; if you work hard, you get to play hard. People from all over the globe risk everything and come here to chase the American dream. What a dream come true and such an inspiration for so many! You see, dreams really do come true. Isn’t that what life should be? Work hard, pay your dues, dream big, and make it happen. Congratulations, Romain, now that’s a “climax!” Who says you need sex to have a climax?
Intermingled amongst the “stars” of Episode 3 are the “extras.” That would be the rest of us. Compared to the accomplishment of becoming an American citizen and the blonde bombshell explosion -- well, some of the “extras” weren’t quite as exciting. Yawn.