Lea Black

Lea explains why she puts so much of her time and energy into this cause.

on Nov 1, 2012

As for the other stuff, well, I guess it matters too, but these won't be the things we hold dear as we leave this planet and join the universal mind. The things we will take with us are the things that brought us the most love, peace, and joy.

I try to live my life as everything that I do really does matter.

Things to think about this week:

Is charity a social responsibility?

Is it possible to connect with a higher spiritual being?

Who are we in the matter of our lives and others’ lives?

What would the world be like if everyone lived their life like every single thing they do matters?

Do we give thanks and appreciate the blessings of our lives?

Can we live in two worlds at once? A higher spiritual life and a life engaged in the craziness of our daily lives and learn from one and apply it to the other?

What is our unique purpose in the world?