Lea Black

Lea explains her sense of humor and addresses all the misconceptions the ladies have about her.

on Oct 11, 2012

Laughing at Setting the Record Straight

Up until now I've heard for weeks on the show and seen in the blogs that Lisa has made several comments about how I snub and disregard her continually. But I have never had or said anything against her, so I am not sure where this is coming from. I hugged her the first time I met her at Smith and Wollensky and the second time I met her at my home. The charity has about thirty volunteers, so I don't always get to call them all personally for every meeting, but she should also know that I don't just invite anyone into my home, so the fact that I invited her says a lot. I had no idea how important that personal phone call was to Lisa. Or that a quick hello and a hug to someone I met for the first time in a crowd of 500 plus people would become "snubgate." I adore you, Lisa. End of story.

And then I somehow become intertwined in the issues between James/Elaine and Marysol and then was falsely accused when Ana told me at the Dali exhibit that Marysol thought I was using James to hurt her. This wasn't the first person I had gotten that message from; Marysol is just good at sending messages and avoiding confrontations and running away from taking any responsibility. Now that I have been falsely accused, I choose to defend myself. And if facts and unbecoming verifiable details come out in the process, that's the risk you take when you falsely and unnecessarily accuse someone or send a messenger to do it.

And now there is Ana, who has gratuitously said demeaning things about me on the show and in her blog. She never let the facts get in the way of a snide remark or a false accusation. So anything I have subsequently said or blogged about is in reply of something she said or wrote. She's now Marysol's protector. What exactly does Marysol need protecting from?

Up to this point in the show, the only person I have said anything negative about is Karent, where I have joked about her nonstop chatter. (And the hilarious joke about why she's a dentist -- you have to admit that was harmless humor!) If you notice, I don't chime in with any of the group chatter about Karent; you know where the people that don't like to gossip gossip? You will see how my relationship with Karent plays out later, and I think you will be surprised.