Lea Black

Lea explains her sense of humor and addresses all the misconceptions the ladies have about her.

on Oct 11, 2012

Before now, have I ever said negative things about people in my blogs? Go back and read them. You will see that it’s been in response to things said about me.

Have I made a few jokes? Yes. Speaking of bad jokes, I have always known Felipe did not need a green card. The first time I met him, he told me he had a catering company in the U.S. for fourteen years. If I thought he really needed a green card, I obviously wouldn't have called attention to it. We have laughed about it since many times.  It’s sort of a Miami joke. Marysol acknowledged on the reunion show last year that she knew it was just my sense of humor. Even though I prefaced it as "this is a joke, I hope you will laugh," it didn't work out that way. So if this joke or any of my other jokes ever offend anyone, just know they aren't meant to. I've made plenty of jokes about myself and poked fun at myself along the way too.  This season alone I've been poked fun at, shot down, mocked, ridiculed, criticized, backstabbed, gossip fodder for the gossip addicted, and falsely and wrongly accused ad nauseum -- you don't see me acting like a victim. But you do see me laughing a lot! I even think my laugh is funny, hahahaha!

If you doubt any of what I have just said, you can watch the reruns. I am always willing to stand corrected, as long as it is an objective, intellectually honest point of view -- not justifications, excuses, or anything petty and unwarranted used just to stir the pot. Or just because someone wants to take unnecessary "sides." I thought we were all on the same side. Just being our crazy selves and sharing both the good and the bad with people who like to tune in to an hour of watching other people’s lives. I get it that people like "drama and conflict," but really, how far will some people go to make something out of nothing? Should I laugh or cry about that?

By the way, anyone that really knows me knows that if you are the underdog, I am your girl. Don't be fooled by the "underdog" and "victim" acts -- if they really need someone, I am there for them and they know it. I think you will see that too as the season progresses.

As far as this week’s episode -- well I spent so much time laughing and setting the record straight that I am out of time. LOL-LMAO-giggle-haha, having way too much fun. (Oh, and squealing like a cat #wwhl.)