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The Slap Heard Around the Housewives World

Lea thinks Lisa's event was the craziest party she's ever attended.

Some People Collect Things, I Collect People.

Like my friends or not, you can't say they're not entertaining. I don't judge people as much by their behavior as I do by their heart. And sometimes you have to get to know people before you know their good heart. And sometimes you have to get to know people before you realize their true heart, and sometimes it's not what you expected, and sometimes its not so good.

I find that when it comes to people, I either like them more the more I get to know them or less the more I get to know them. I have found this to be very true on this Housewife journey. I think as it plays out over the next few episodes, you will be surprised to see how all the relationships play out.

As for me, even though I heard numerous things being said about me by people that don't know me and don't care to get to know me, I tried overlooking most of it. I think it's fair to say, if I think someone has a good heart, I am pretty forgiving in regard to their speaking before thinking. Or speaking out of ignorance, or speaking to try to be relevant. It's when their meanness is calculated and bitter that I don't forgive or not forgive, I just ignore and don't engage.Tonight's episode exceeded any craziness even I could have imagined at a South Beach party, and I've been to a lot of Miami parties throughout the years. Keep watching, as it only gets more intense from here. We are at a time in the season where people have formed opinions and alignments, and we have passed the "nice to meet you, let's be socially correct" phase of our time together.

To sum this week's episode up:

Lisa - a party's success is determined by if it's memorable!

Adriana - the Sharon Stone moment of uncrossing her legs has been replaced by the "bitch slap heard around the Housewife world." (A quote from POP)

Joanna - don't expect her to turn the other cheek.

Karent - she may be polarizing, but seems to do it with grace, style, and a Colgate smile.

Romain - always the gentleman.Lenny - always have your parties on Saturday so you can confirm everything is done on Saturday morning instead of after work on Friday. It will be less stressful! And thanks for moving it to Friday to accommodate the Blacks Annual Gala.

Alexia - you didn't miss a thing. Ha.

Marta - the truth sets you free, ha ha!

Joe - it's never a dull moment -- and he does have a heart of gold.

James - good looking man, pretty lady, thanks, Lisa, for inviting him. What would a party be like without a pool splash?

One last thing, Lisa, your biggest drama of the night wasn't the music! Hello?

Things to think about this week:

Make it a goal in life to be invited to a near-nude Miami party at a mansion hosted by a boob god and his greatest creation.

And can you believe Lady Gaga was tweeting about RHOM?

Spread the love and keep the peace and #don't deal with stupid!By the way, many of you asked about the handbag I wore at the premiere, it’s my personal design at And if you watched Watch What Happens Live, callers mentioned my face looked “refreshed.” For all my beauty secrets, go to Enjoy!

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Hoping to Move Forward with Lea

Marysol shares what she hopes will come out of the reunion.

For me the reunion is a forum to hash things out and engage in verbal mud wrestling and hopefully come out cleansed from the tension and disagreements. I would like to make it clear that I do not hate anyone; I am not a person that likes to live in anger as it only makes you miserable and takes away from the precious moments of our lives. It is no secret that I have spent a couple of years being accused of lying by Lea when we do not see eye to eye on something. It is very frustrating to have issues with someone and always end up at the same place of “her word against mine.”

Unfortunately, my father this year has also had a rapid decline in his health and has spent the better part of the past few months in and out of the hospital. While dad was in the hospital with nothing else to do besides sleep, read, and watch TV he watched every episode of RHOM. He was very upset when he saw Lea saying I was lying when I said she didn’t call, write, or send flowers to mom for 8 weeks. He called me and said to figure out a way to video tape me and put it on that show of yours because I’ve had enough of the lies. My father was by mother’s side every day from the moment she went into the hospital to the day she came home (2 months later). He saw everyone who passed by, saw every flower and card that was sent etc. I truly was uncomfortable videotaping him in a hospital setting, but I was leaving for the reunion and he called relentlessly several times a day insisting I let him speak his mind for the cameras. If you thought Mama Elsa was tough, guess who she learned it from, that’s right, her husband of 52 years, Donald Patton. You never met anyone more ornery, stubborn, or tough, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

I have said my peace, which is what I went to the reunion to do. I have moved forward and forgive those who have hurt me and I forgive myself for those I may have hurt. I truly want to move forward to a better place with Lea to the best of our ability. We may never be best friends, but I’d like to think we can at least be in the same room, be cordial, and maybe even share a laugh someday.

It has been a fun season with the ladies and it provided a great distraction from the personal emotional struggles I was going through with my parents’ declining health.  I hope you enjoyed the season, thank you for all of your support and best wishes for my mother as that has been the greatest gift the show has brought us.

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