Lisa Hochstein

Lisa reveals why the storm was a blessing in disguise.

on Dec 18, 2012

Ana's dinner was delicious and the drinks were so strong they literally knocked your socks off. The night started off pleasantly, but then the conversation at the dinner table turned into argument about Lisa Pliner, Elaine, Karent, Alexia’s husband, and then Lea and Marysol went at it! I could not keep up! Holy ADD! Someone throw these women an Adderall stat. At this point I tuned out, because like most, I wasn't following since I had not been there and quite frankly was over it. For this reason I suggested that there are bigger things to fight over and really hoped these two could just move on already. Finally they had an awkward hug moment so we could move on.

Thanks for reading all! See you on Thursday for the big finale! Xoxo

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