Lisa Hochstein

Lisa Hochstein explains why she wanted to move and dishes on meeting the other ladies.

on Sep 13, 2012

It’s the beginning of a new journey and beautiful friendships! (Or not?) One of my favorite things in life is meeting new and interesting people and experiencing new things, so being introduced to a new social circle of so many talented, strong, beautiful women was exciting for me. (Although I already knew Adriana and Joanna, who are both fabulous.)

We are definitely spoiled living in Miami; the weather is beautiful, the people are sexy, and there is no shortage of fabulous things to do and see. I of course am very blessed to have such a wonderful husband in my life, who also happened to be my best friend.

My husband brought me the great news about our Star Island home, and I was super excited. Many people asked why we wanted to move, since our home was already so beautiful. The answer is simple -- the purchase of the Star Island property was a tremendous business opportunity that couldn't be passed up. We weighed the options of either selling the Star property or to sell our current home. After going back and forth, we decided to make Star Island our new home eventually. My husband built our current home from the ground up , suited exactly to his tastes and lifestyle as a bachelor at that time. Although I love my home, I am very excited to design together as a couple, where I can bring my creativity and style and merge it with his. It's an exciting time! I love decorating and my husband’s second passion besides his career as a plastic surgeon is the building and the construction process.