Lisa Hochstein

Lisa updates us on her relationship with the ladies.

on Jan 8, 2013

As far as our home is concerned, we are in the process of getting our plans perfected and approved. Unfortunately we are fighting a group of preservationists that want the old house to be preserved. These people have never been on the property and have no idea about the bad condition the house is in, but feel they have the right to tell us what to do and have actually gone so far as to dry to designate the home historic without our consent after we had purchased it. Fortunately the city of Miami Beach is respectful of private individuals’ rights and understands our situation. Our neighbors unanimously support our new home. It just seems odd that people who don't even live on the island would be so nasty. The names we have been called in the press for wanting to do nothing more than build our family home is disgusting. We look forward to sharing our plans in the near future.
As far as Adriana and Joanna, my feeling is that I like them both and there is no need for me to take sides; no one should expect me to. During filing of Season 2 Joanna and I were close, but once we wrapped, we became distant. Blame it on our miles apart, our schedules, or whatever. I did however try to text and call a few times but did not feel reciprocated so I gave up. I am not one to beg or pine after friends. Adriana and I were friendly but not close during filming. Since we wrapped I have spent more time with her and Fredric, and we just get along. Lenny also adores Fredric, so it’s fun to double date.

I felt Alexia was wrong in how she handled Bimini and Karent. I didn’t like the way she spoke to me at the reunion. I will never back down to someone who wants to have an argument with me. I usually don’t argue, but when I do I make sense and I’m usually right.

I hope all the women on this cast find happiness and peace if they have not already and I truly wish them all the best!