Lisa Hochstein

Lisa shares Daysy's Cinderella story (and some before and after pics).

on Dec 20, 2012

This interesting journey has finally reached its end for now. I’ve grown so much from this whole experience. I have become a better, stronger person and have learned so much as a result.

We originally were going to go to the famous healing hole in Bimini, but since the weather did not agree, Marysol suggested we cleanse ourselves of our problems and misfortunes with fresh flowers in the ocean. Although I felt it was silly and would not be as beneficial as the actually Bimini healing hole, I went with it. Truthfully I just wanted to get it over with. Being so open with all the women there felt uncomfortable, since not all of us are or were that close at the time. The healing ceremony did not heal Joanna and Adriana's relationship like Adriana acknowledged. Adriana did open her heart to setting a date with Fredric. Marysol hoped to get the strength to move on from a marriage that just didn't work, Ana from whom I was surprised to see so much emotion, also made up her mind that it was time to finally sign the divorce papers and begin the new chapter in her life after being married for 23 years. Alexia wished for strength and a speedy full recovery for her son. Joanna realized she could not live without Romain and that she indeed wants to marry him. Lea wished us all well. I spoke for Karent because she couldn't be there and deserved to be part of the ceremony. I of course hoped to rid of whatever is holding Lenny and I back from moving forward in our marriage and starting a family. Although I felt a little silly, it was touching and symbolic of our experiences throughout the season.