Lisa Hochstein

Lisa shares Daysy's Cinderella story (and some before and after pics).

on Dec 20, 2012

My stomach isn't as weak as I thought it would be watching Daysy’s surgery. I literally saw her insides, and it was intense. My husband does these procedures with such ease; it was if he was playing a violin. He is a true master at his craft, the Picasso of plastic surgery.

Daysy was completely out of it afterwards. I've never seen her act like that, it was hilarious! I decided I would be the one to take care of Daysy after her surgery, because she has done so much for me over the years, I felt it was the right thing to do. For the record I did not go shopping after I put Daisy to rest at our home. It was a funny scene though.

I told everyone I had some big news to reveal and here it is. Daysy has been taking better care of herself since her surgery. She has grown her cleaning business to where she does not have to clean herself. She had a sort of Cinderella story happen to her. A successful client of hers, whom she used to clean for, became very interested in Daysy, especially after seeing her on the show. I guess my comment to Daysy about every man’s fantasy of having an affair with his housekeeper struck a chord. He pursued her, and currently she has moved into that very home she worked in as his housekeeper with her daughter. She feels more confident and life is simply great for her right now! I am so happy for her and wish her all the best. I still use her services, although with another person, and I am quite satisfied. I advocate growth for everyone one around me and wish nothing more for the people I care about. Daysy and I continue to be friends, and I hope we always remain this way.