Lisa Hochstein

Lisa couldn't keep it together during the energy cleansing.

on Nov 1, 2012

We witness a very distraught Lea upon the sudden collapse of her baby, Leroy. Her poor dog hanging onto his last breath made me incredibly emotional. I understand how one can have so much love for their pets. My husband and I are currently trying to do everything in our power to keep our dog healthy and around for as long as possible. We recently discovered our boxer has a brain tumor, and he is going through radiation treatment. I admire Lea’s ability in spite of everything with the gala and Leroy to keep her composure and focus on her gathering with us. I don't think I could of been so strong. I probably would have asked for everyone to leave.

We are introduced to Lea’s spiritual healer friend Norman Baker. While chanting the melody he asked us to, I felt silly, probably because it was so reminiscent of the childhood song Old Macdonald had a farm "e- i- e- i- o." Norman is a very sweet man, but I did however question his abilities when predicting how many children I was to have. He said I would have one, and it would be a boy. I know in my heart I will have at least 2.