Lisa Hochstein

Lisa couldn't keep it together during the energy cleansing.

on Nov 1, 2012

Karent meets Joanna so they can go to the gala together. I do appreciate Joanna's loyalty to stick by Karent, although I do wish it went down a whole lot differently. And of course not at my house.

Joanna expresses her heartache now that her and Romain’s turbulent relationship is now a category 5 hurricane after last night’s occurrences. It seems now that she has a clear mind she really understands that her behavior was hurtful to her fiancé.
Marysol and Ana decide not to attend Lea’s gala. I'm sure they appreciate her cause, but do not feel its necessary to support Lea with all the animosity brewing. It seems they just don't care for one another. Marysol and Alexia also discuss the reasons Ana has not yet divorced, explaining that she is waiting for the right time. Marysol also opens up about her troubled marriage and the prospect of divorce, revealing that she isn't ready. They relate on many levels with their impending divorces and mutual disinterest in Lea.

Lea's efforts to make her gala a success have been fruitful as everything looks perfect and it is sold out. Understandably both Joanna and Adriana are anxious to come face-to-face. They probably fear the worst. We find out that both ladies have never had a physical altercation in their lives such as that one. I guess they can both cross that off their bucket list.