Lisa Hochstein

Lisa explains the comments from her pre-party about Elsa.

on Sep 27, 2012

I can appreciate Romain’s struggle to be a U.S. citizen. Being an immigrant from Canada myself, I came to the U.S. on a 0-1 extraordinary ability visa, which I was able to attain because of my hard work in the entertainment field. People assume I have never worked (probably because I said I don't…presently), but I have in fact worked very hard most of my life, and when I met Lenny, I was able to retire LOL. All jokes aside, I chose being with my love in Miami over pursuing a career in L.A. I still do some acting and modeling, but the opportunities in Miami for me are not as abundant. I will be feeling the same joy as Romain in just a few months! I have been married now for three years, so I can apply for my citizenship this year. It will be amazing to finally get to vote in the U.S. and not be referred to as an alien.

My young relationship with Lea seems up and down. Some days she seems uninterested and dismissive, while other days she is very warm and attentive, like at her home for the gala meeting. Although she isn't my "favorite" person at this point, I wanted to make an effort. I'm still trying to figure out all of this drama between Marysol, Lea, and Elaine.

I invited the ladies I was closest with over for cocktails and sushi before the Mynt event. I was worried after hearing them bicker over Marta's ex being there and that it might become an issue on Romain’s big night. I foresaw it being a problem, since they were pretty worked up and the night hadn't even started. The addition of alcohol did not help matters.

I always love to hear my husband talk about his achievements, especially about being a surgeon for 23 years at the young age of 46. He was able to do this because he became a surgeon at 23. Being the genius that he is, he was able to skip college and go straight to med school. Because of this, I joke about him being a real life Dougie Houser. My husband and I are very playful with each other, which is why I said I hope our future children have his brains and my looks. I love that we have such a fun relationship.