Lisa Hochstein

Lisa explains the comments from her pre-party about Elsa.

on Sep 27, 2012

When I said he is a full time job in himself, I meant I do everything for him he cannot tend to himself. I'm his personal shopper, his personal secretary, his personal banker, his errand girl. Basically I’m his bitch LOL! All joking aside, we are a team, and it works for us.

Don't know how the conversation started on Elsa, but when Adriana said she looked great, I had to state the obvious and disagree. She is a wonderful lady, but she said herself that a plastic surgeon did a poor job. It was not meant to be insulting; I was just stating my opinion.

I jokingly said "this house was built by boobs," because it's a funny way to talk about Lenny's success as a breast implant specialist. I know other people have said that before, and I always thought it was a cool comment.

I want to clarify my comment, “Shoot me if I'm in a club over 40.” I think I was over exaggerating. The fact is that I hope that when I am 40 and over I will feel comfortable being at home, in a club, or anywhere else. I just don't want it to be a regular lifestyle for myself.

I disagree with the Marysol's characterization about Lea's event being disorganized. My husband and I have been supporting the event for the last ten years. It’s one of the best events Miami has to offer and very well run. I also feel that Marysol has added a lot to the event in the past and should be recognized for all her efforts, not condemned for an incident on the red carpet or whatever else may have happened. Elaine and Marysol should have confronted this issue sooner so it didn't have to spiral out of control. It’s a case of he said, she said. There is clearly more to this story we are missing.