Lisa Hochstein

Lisa was embarrassed by all the craziness that went on during her chairty event.

on Oct 26, 2012

My much anticipated lingerie party to benefit Susan G. Komen is finally here. Our philosophy is that if you are going to have a party, party with a purpose. This is one of the foundations we work with to raise awareness and funds. I liked the idea of having a lingerie party in conjunction with breast cancer awareness. It will definitely create a buzz and draw attention to this cause. Of course I need to look fabulous at my event, so my "hired friend" and fashion consultant Daysy has come to my rescue. Doesn't everyone model sexy lingerie for their housekeeper? I passed on the angel look, because I didn't have the horns to hold my halo up.

I had to call Lea because she had not RSVPed at that point, and I really wanted her to come. I was incredibly surprised (in a good way) when she actually showed up, and I appreciated her donation to the cause.

At Lea's office Adriana brings up Karent's article in the paper labeling some of the ladies classless fame addicts with Botox for brains, saying how she wants to show women have class and beauty in Miami like her. I agree with Lea here in that if the shoe doesn't fit, I'm not wearing it. I also agree with Joanna in that journalists sometimes tend to misquote or misconstrue your words. I for one do not believe everything I read and only half of what I hear.

At Alexia’s house, she and Marysol discuss Karent not knowing her place and that she is attempting to elevate herself to a place she's not in. I believe we all are on this show and this world to elevate ourselves to the next level. That's part of what life is about.  I would hate to think that I would ever become so complacent that I would stop trying to improve myself. And what is her place? To sit on the sidelines looking into a life and position she deserves to be in? No one person is better than the next.