Lisa Hochstein

Lisa opens up about her fertility issues.

on Oct 4, 2012

It was evident Adriana was apprehensive about getting nude for the shoot. Again, I can relate, because I made the decision long ago to shoot for Playboy magazine. I was very young and at that time and I didn't realize that these pictures would be accessible forever in this world of the internet and that someday my kids may see them. It is a decision I have come to regret, but when you're 23 you don't think about consequences.

Adriana’s photo turned out beautifully, I can understand why it was sold so quickly. I did agree with Karent that Lea’s comment that the work must have been bought by Adriana herself was insulting, and it did seem like a backhanded compliment. I’m no stranger to these from Lea.

It was sweet to see how excited Adriana was to meet the founder of kinetic art. I don't believe Karent wanting to have her photo taken with this man should have caused such a reaction form Adriana however. He didn't seem to be put off by it, and actually he seemed to enjoy it. He even asked Karent for a second kiss on the cheek. But this scene was the inspiration for the best comment I have heard in this social media obsessed day and age -- "She beat me to the tweet." An instant classic!