Lisa Hochstein

Lisa opens up about her fertility issues.

on Oct 4, 2012

Adriana did an excellent job with the Dali art exhibition. Well done, girl! I of course could not produce art like one of the greatest artists of our generation. The cameras caught me in another Lisaism… Don’t worry, there are plenty more of those to come. My husband quickly corrected my joke/Lisaism and saved me from myself when he disagreed and said, “Uh no, honey, you can't.” LOL! When I was with the ladies, I could not help but feel that this was also a bit of a bitchfest. First the talk about Marysol and her business, the red carpet incident with James/Elaine, the Karent picture taking situation and the beating her to the tweet… Conveniently all of the people being bitched out were also absent. This ticked me off, because they were not there to defend themselves. Karent took a picture with Adriana’s favorite artist whom she looked up to -- big deal! If that’s the worst thing Karent has done to someone, I would definitely want that person as my friend. And so what if she talks a lot? Who cares if she has something to say and she says it? I don't remember myself being able to get a word in edgewise at this event, because everyone seemed to have a lot to say! Pot, meet kettle!

As a good friend should, Ana made Marysol aware of the discussion about her and her business at the Dali event. I love that Ana defended her friend and looped her in right away. She obviously has her back. I don't believe in ever messing with a person’s ability to make a living or underestimating their abilities, especially if their business is based on word of mouth. It’s just not me.