Lisa Hochstein

Lisa was happy you got to meet the rest of her family -- her dogs!

on Oct 12, 2012

Lea continues to promote her gala at NBC. She works very hard every year to make it the success that it is. Her dedication is admirable.

I invited all the ladies to the annual Hearts and Stars Gala at George Walner’s home to benefit The Little Lighthouse Foundation, which aids children and their families in South Florida who struggle with medical, educational, emotional, and financial challenges and addresses the needs of local charities benefitting children. I enjoy getting involved in good causes any chance I get, because as we all know, it’s important to give back. I gain experience and insight on how these galas are run to help make my own events as successful. I hardly got the chance to visit with the ladies, because I was being pulled in so many directions. It seemed like everyone I knew was there that night.

It was a really fun night for me, but I can't say the same for the rest of the ladies. Everyone’s feathers were ruffled by Karent’s interaction with Thomas Kramer, who happens to be a dear friend of me and Lenny. It almost seemed like a competition over who was better acquainted with Thomas. I personally did not see the big deal or find it inappropriate that Karent was inserting herself into the irritated clique that clearly did not appreciate her keen interest in her dear friend.

Everyone was formally introduced to the other loves of my life Puff (boxer) and Leo (Pomeranian). Currently these are my children. They do everything with me and Lenny, including sleeping in our bed. Some people may find that gross, but I wouldn't have it any other way. They are groomed weekly, and if they can't get an appointment, Daysy and I get down and dirty. Can’t have smelly dogs sleeping in the bed!