Lisa Hochstein

Lisa thinks the other women were trying to humiliate Karent.

on Dec 13, 2012

Finally Alexia has the decency to pull me aside so at the very least, Karent could receive the bad news from a real friend. It was agreed that I would be the bearer of bad news, take on this burden, and be put in an uncomfortable situation to have to hurt my friend. The uncomfortable situation worsened when Alexia and ALL the women decided to come parading in to be an audience for Karent’s reaction. Karent and I should have been should have been the only 2 people present. I unfortunately at this point had no choice but to tell her. It wasn't surprising that this was hurtful and uncomfortable for her. She managed to stay composed and handled herself the right way. I am happy she did not show too much emotion, because the other women did not deserve to see that. The only people who should ever see her react are her friends.

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