Lisa Hochstein

Lisa thought Elaine could have picked a more appropriate time and place to confront Marysol.

on Nov 16, 2012

Although I really like Ana, I think she was out of line by insulting the host in his home. I think it would have been better if she had just excused herself instead of escalating it and then being kicked out. If someone insulted me personally in my own home, I would have done the same thing. I however do not condone Thomas’ harsh words to Elsa. He went too far with that, and I know it made me and everyone else uncomfortable.

I did my best to calm everyone down -- something I am good at. Thankfully I managed to get Joanna to come back to the dinner. I think she realized Thomas was simply joking earlier. I really wanted everyone who remained to end the night on a good note, so I decided to make an ass out of myself and work the pole to change the mood. I think I succeeded. I don’t think Thomas Kramer had a problem with it, why else would someone install stripper poles on their dining room table?