Marysol Patton

Marysol was moved by Alexia's strength in the face of tragedy.

on Oct 18, 2012

I’m hesitant to write my blog after this episode, because I hate to be repetitive and beat a dead horse. Lea, I guess in an attempt to pretend she likes me and wants me at her fundraiser, invites me again. There is nothing wrong with that, but I’m just not feeling it, and there is too much gossip and bad blood at this point. I bring to her attention that I am going through a painful and confusing time in my life with my separation, but she doesn’t stop talking beyond the sound barrier to hear what I am saying. I couldn’t get a word in edge wise and was dismissed as “giving too much importance to non-important things.” I’m getting divorced for the love of God, where is the non-importance in that? It is very important to me, and it is emotionally consuming me beyond anyone’s imagination. I’m sure if Lea and her husband were going through a divorce, she wouldn’t think it was a “non-important issue” and no amount of jokes would go without castigation.

It is becoming increasingly uncomfortable to go to any social gathering, because Lea drags The Big Blonde with her everywhere now. He is always making snide and nasty remarks about me even when I am standing right next to him. Running into him at every social gathering is so unpleasant and uncomfortable. At this point, I prefer not to go to anymore functions if he is going to be in attendance. I often ask anyone I can if he will be at an event I am attending so that I can avoid him and avoid his drama.

Much of the gossip that Lea and The Big Blonde have been spreading has made it to my mother’s ears, and she is not a happy camper. She is social with Lea, but she knows who she really is. Mother decides to give The Big Blonde a piece of her mind in my defense. I’m sure his mother would have done the same for him, that’s what mother’s do. I don’t like to see my mother get so upset, and I would have preferred the whole thing to never have happened, but sometimes things just need to be said.