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Good Vibrations

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Shocked by Lea's Secrets

Good Vibrations

Marysol Patton discusses Elsa's surprise cleansing seassion.

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed Episode 2. It’s great to see mom feeling better and receiving guests at home. Mom is very fond of Adriana, and they speak often about life’s trials and tribulations. Adriana visits mom, which turns into a little unsolicited advice regarding love. Basically mom sums up love as being palpable as long as you can "rest your head on a pillow full of money.”  I know Adriana will make the right choices for herself, and I don't blame her for being cautious with her choices. I on the other hand leave my personal life up to destiny.

Mom decided to stop by my office to check out the vibes and make sure there wasn't any negative energy lingering from the Smith and Wollensky event mishap. Her method of choice for cleansing was dry rice and perfume. I know it probably doesn't make sense to most people, but I believe implicitly in anything my mother does spiritually. Truth be known, she has never thrown rice on me before, so it was a welcome change. And who knows, maybe I will get married again and again and again...

The South Beach Food and Wine Festival had an interesting turn of events. Since I had to leave to the emergency room with mother, I had no idea a brouhaha had been brewing called "Rodolfogate.” On several occasions in the past I was out with Ana when she started getting flirtatious texts from Rodolfo. Neither I nor Ana knew that he had a girlfriend, so when he showed up to the event with Karent, it was a bit of a surprise. I personally had never met him before, and I felt bad for Karent when I realized they were dating for a while. It was a bitter pill to swallow hearing your boyfriend has been flirting with another women in front of a group of ladies. I think we all felt really bad, and as fellow women who have all had our ups and downs in relationships, a few of us thought she may want to know. I know Ana was hesitant to tell her, but when confronted with the issue, she didn't want to lie.

To be continued...