Marysol Patton

After watching the episode, Marysol wishes she had never made up with Lea.

on Dec 13, 2012

Quite often, Lea likes to throw around contentious words like “denial” when she is talking or referring to me. She is right about one thing: I was in denial to ever believe she could have been my friend. She doesn’t know the true meaning of friendship or camaraderie; it seems she doesn’t like other women and thrives on hurting them with nasty insults. Let it be clear that just because someone is louder and more hysterically animated when they speak does not mean they are telling the truth. Just because I am calm and soft spoken by nature, does not mean I am hiding or omitting anything. No one knows what exactly happened at Lea’s gala except for her employees and mine. I know the conversation seemed confusing to the rest of the ladies and probably to the viewers, but that is the language of our business and if you weren’t an intricate part of the daily details, it is difficult to understand this situation.

To clarify, I volunteered the services of my staff to work on the gala press two out of three years, so figure about three months of work per gala (six months in total). We take our work very seriously, whether we are paid or not. The Black’s gala was not properly staffed to assist my team in executing the red carpet. If her donors were so important to her, she should have sent their names to us in advance so my staff was prepared to recognize and receive them on the red carpet. We asked several times for the names and we only received two names the day before the gala. Sending the names (and photos) of your VIP’s or sponsors to a PR firm is essential and is standard event protocol.  This insures that people who so generously have helped you create the evening are recognized and are escorted down the red carpet. Neither myself nor my staff could ever begin to guess who gives the Black’s big sponsorship dollars. Many of those relationships are cultivated through personal friends and business associates and are people that are not often in the limelight.  The lack of transferring this simple information to my team could have avoided whatever problems she had with the people that were important to her foundation.

I knew she blew everything up at my expense to create drama around her gala again.  I’m not surprised by this behavior, since Lea surrounds herself with dregs of society so she must assume that everyone is just as underhanded and calculating (birds of a feather).