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RHOM or Grey Gardens? - Ep 13's Associate Editor thinks Elsa and Marysol need to have sleepovers more often.

Let me begin by saying that I could have watched Elsa try and mircowave things for a full hour. Forget Bimini, let's just turn Marysol and Elsa's Grey Gardens-esque activities into a show.

Seriously though, what was happening at Casa Patton? According to Marysol, part of her beauty routine is to make it freezing cold in her home before going to bed. Is this a proven method? Something tells me not.

Poor Elsa was rolled up in roughly 37 blankets on Marysol's bed, because I guess they had a sleepover (maybe a psychic reading session went long?). Clearly Elsa was never meant to go any further north than Florida, because she didn't take kindly to the cold.

In an effort to restore some warmth to her witchy body, Elsa microwaved some mugs of coffee for her and Marysol. For 12 seconds. This of course led to her shock that the coffee was not warm. Where's that Havana Elsa truck when you need it? But really can you blame her? I can barely put together a coherent sentence in the morning before I've had my caffeine fix.

Prediction: I can only hope this leads to Elsa and Marysol being sent on a camping trip in the wilderness.How long exactly was this Bimini trip? I was under the impression it was maybe a long weekend, but the amount of luggage Adriana showed up with suggests it was more like a month-long affair. And honestly you know it's bad when OTHER HOUSEWIVES are giving you a hard time for how much you brought. That means you've crossed into Imelda Marcos territory.

But among the myriad hat boxes, suitcases, and other Housewives sundries, there was somehow no sign of Adriana's passport. Don't you begin packing by finding your passport? It's the one thing you know you must have. You may forget to bring any underwear, but the passport you have. Evidently not the case for Adriana. So she hightails it back home missing the flight in the private plane. Ouch! She must have been kicking herself later while wedged between people in coach. But hey, at least she didn't have to check any bags!

Prediction: You know that Adriana's son totally just hid her passport for kicks when he say how much stuff she was bringing.

Finally the ladies all make it and get settled in Bimini (which is in the Bahamas in case you were wondering). But Alexia's been holding onto a little secret -- an article saying that Karent's boyfriend has started dating another woman.

Huh? That's kind of awkward when you consider that she's on TV with her Rodolfo as her boyfriend! So what exactly is happening there? Unclear.So of course the ladies then spend the entire rest of the evening and dinner dancing around the topic, which is super awkward. Finally after many subcommittees met outside behind a see-through glass door, everyone ended up outside FINALLY forcing Alexia to tell Karent. At this point it was way more awkward then it would have been had she mentioned it earlier in the day, making it the slowest train wreck I've ever witnessed.

Prediction: A subsequent article is released proclaiming that Rodolfo is not really Rodolfo -- his evil twin Antonio has just been masquerading as him the whole time!
Next week it looks like the Lea and Marysol didn't leave their issues behind in Miami.

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Lea's Final Thoughts on the Season

Lea shares he status with each of the girls post-reunion.

It’s a Wrap!

It’s been an interesting season. I've been as honest and authentic as possible. I feel I owe that to myself and to you, our viewing audience. I've defended myself when wrongly accused or misinterpreted and in the process unfortunately, ugly truths have been exposed. I haven't gone out of my way to hurt anyone, but if I have, in the spirit of defending myself or setting the record straight, then so be it. I've had some fun, a few laughs, and experienced a lot of unnecessary stress.

I've showcased as many of my friend’s businesses as I could and got in a few shameless plugs for However, I haven't traded on the show or received any freebies, other than borrowing jewelry a couple of times! LOL! Some have interpreted it as being materialistic, I call it marketing. LOL!

I've listened to people re-invent the past, camouflage the present, and stoop to insults, foul language, and ugliness, all of which make me cringe. I've made closer bonds with some and made new friends along the way. I’ve learned to love and appreciate the work that goes into being on the show. Of course, I don't like what I see from time to time, but I hope I've maintained my integrity and what was important to me.I cracked a few jokes at others expense, made a few sarcastic remarks, and rolled my eyes a few times. I just can't (or won't) stop being myself. LOL! I've loved reading all of your comments and tweets. Even when I disagree, I'm OK with it if you were being intellectually honest. But the few comments which were mean-spirited, based upon uniformed conclusions, bias, or outside influence, I disregarded, ignored, and deleted. I have a low threshold for pettiness and unnecessary maliciousness.

Now, for the girls, in my usual style, let me be as honest as I can be.

Lisa: I feel she and I have a lot in common, and I'm closer to her than the others. I think she has a good heart, but is a little too sensitive. I think she often takes things too personally. She wants to have fun; she has a wonderful spirit and loves a good party. She did get on my nerves while attempting to be “the connector" but I understand the reasons and know her intentions were good. She can always depend on me, and we enjoy a loving and brutally honest relationship.

I'm the next closest to Joanna. I love a lot of things about her. Her love for animals, how much she works , her willingness to speak publically about her very personal problems, endure public scrutiny, and the manner in which she let's things go and moves on are all admirable. She doesn't live or die based upon the opinions of others. I am disappointed with some of the things that she said things during the reunion shows. I know she has suffered for it, regrets it deeply, and wishes she could take it back. But because of some of her choices, I have a reluctance to fully embrace or trust her. She knows exactly how I feel.
Alexia: For three seasons I have defended her, had her back, and given her the benefit of the doubt. Watching her all season, week after week, speak one insult or mean-spirited comment about me, knowing many of them were lies, causes me to wonder if she did it to patronize the hate club, play all sides, or if she has some hidden resentment towards me. Perhaps she did it for air time in an attempt to make herself more relevant? Maybe she just doesn't like me and doesn't want to say it? Whatever reason she got her digs in, it is not justifiable; they were uncalled for and she should regret it and say so.  Whenever the cameras weren’t rolling, she’d tell me how much she loves me and what great friends we are. So even though she threw me under the bus several times, as recently as the reunion, I'm not interested in going tit for tat. I wish her and Herman well, and I have a lot of empathy for her personal issues.

Now to Adriana:  Everyone knows how I feel about her. The one thing she did which showed her real inner self is when she ripped my son’s heart out and stomped on it. She intentionally, out of hatred, kept her son away from my son. To this day, I know that I’ve done nothing but try to help her or defend myself against her lies.  She has expressed her gratitude by stabbing me in the back. Whatever her motivation (I have my own conclusions), nothing will ever put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I can put the past in the past and be amicable towards her, but let me make the following point crystal clear: I will never fully trust her. And I really just don't like who she is. Since the show either she has changed or who she really is showed up. Either way it’s not compatible with who I am and what I want in my life.
Marysol: Again, I've called Elsa many times over the months, and I've continued to do so, whether Marysol chooses to believe it or not.

And to set the record straight, yes Frankie is a friend of mine. He is a comedian and has a You Tube channel of impersonations, he is a Broadway star and an entertainer. He only impersonates people he finds interesting. No, he never knew Elsa was sick and no, I didn't see him make the video, and no, I wasn't in the background. All of which can be proven. But if it was a big secret, he wouldn't have posted it on You Tube.

And by the way, he made the You Tube video months after the show was no longer filming. But of course Marysol brought it up about 5 months later, so she could justify and explain away her behavior of the season.

Overall, it’s been a learning experience. I've been surprised to discover how people will behave and how far they will go for attention, relevance, a storyline, or to make someone look bad. I've always said reality TV brings out the best and worst in people, and I stand by that belief.

My tag line “I live my life like everything matters, because I think it does" is true for me. As easy as it may be for some to just live in denial and brush things aside, I believe everything we do matters, including who we are to ourselves and to others. And who we are produces consequences, both good and bad. I choose to live my life trying to create good consequences and limit negativity.
Not all drama has to be negative. One doesn’t have to criticize others in order to justify their own poor behavior or make themselves feel better about their lives.

So maybe I'm a fit for reality TV or maybe I'm not, that would be up to the viewers. The one thing I am certain of is that my real friends, my family, my son, and my husband understand me and are more important to me than anything and everything else. They know that my charitable work, being true to myself, living like everything matters, giving more than I take, my sense of right and wrong, making a conscious effort to live a life of purpose, setting a good example for my son, and being mindful of future generations are the most important things in my life.

I love nice things and love living the good life, and sharing it, and I've earned every right to do just that. I will never apologize for my lifestyle, but I won't be defined by it either.

Thanks for watching. Life is time, and you took time out for us, and for that I am forever grateful. Whether you enjoyed me on the show or not, know one thing, I put as much into it as I possibly could, and then some. LOL! Thank you POP, our amazing producers and their incredible team, the Bravo Network, and the viewers for the opportunity to cross paths. Did we bond yet? LOL!

Spread the love and keep the peace.

Love, Lea

Please comment below, it would mean a lot to me to hear your final thoughts.


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