Spice Up Your 'Wives

Bravotv.com's Associate Editor reviews the trifecta of fights from the Venue event.

on Oct 19, 2012

Lea and Marysol... these two just cannot make it work. Every week is just another instance of one step forward two steps back. I think if they just made talk of the Black gala completely taboo between them, they would be fine.

Prediction: Those two will be fighting about the Black gala for the rest of the season.

And then to bring the trifecta of fighting to a close, Adriana confronts Karent about her frustrations, specifically the now notorious tweet. This was derailed almost immediately when party host Alexia came over to intervene. At that point things got real tense, from Alexia saying that Karent only appears in the background of her Crest commercials to Karent mentioning Alexia's son. Yikes! We haven't seen these two interact much at all over the past few episodes, and now they're going at it like bitter rivals; didn't see that coming. Karent eventually saw her way out, but man, where did that come from?

Prediction: If Alexia and Karent's relationship was able to go from 0 to absolute hatred in that amount of time, things are going to get seriously ugly again real soon unless they can find a way to resolve their issues.