Spice Up Your 'Wives

Elsa's got the moves like Jagger.

on Oct 10, 20120

Elsa's back, there's a new kooky character on the scene, and Lisa takes a bath with her dogs -- just another week in Miami. There's a lot to get through, so let's see what forecasts and predictions can be made about the weeks to come.

Everybody's buzzing about Joanna and Romain. First Marta meets with Romain to try and patch up their relationship, which basically devolves into Marta threatening to to move to Lisa's so he and Joanna can work on their own issues. Probably a good idea. Romain also gives her a dad-like tough love speech about working, which somehow came off very endearing. And now it makes more sense why they but heads so often.

Then we shift over to Ana's kitchen, where she (attempts) to teach Joanna how to make mushroom risotto. It would appear that Joanna's more into discussing her relationship with Romain and sporting a naked David statue apron than learning the recipe, but who can blame her -- relationship woes trump mushrooms. Ana shares some of the lessons she's learned from her own marriage about the importance of not always putting your career first (and remembering to cook for your man every now and again). Is risotto the key to saving this relationship?!

Prediction: Joanna's never going to make that risotto. Hopefully the relationship can survive despite that.



   First of all, Welcome to The Housewives Franchise!! Second, I find you to be one of the truest and real housewives on all of the shows. You are very real with your daughters and you really don't seem fake like so many others. I hope the show does not change you but I have a funny feeling IT WON'T!! I wish you all the luck in the world with your show and in your business. I think it's great to have a mother who you can be "best friends" with. I had that relationship with my mom (RIP), I miss her so very much. BUENA SUERTE CON TODO!!! STAY REAL!!


Thank God for  Miami Housewives there a breath of fresh air!!!!!! Just watched NJ Reunion OMG!!!!!!  I am getting burnt out!!!!!! But this show is great!!!!