Spice Up Your 'Wives

Between Elsa and Lucero, the Miami moms are becoming the stars of the show.

on Oct 5, 20120

Two weeks, no Elsa. There's a serious drought in Miami. The only thing that makes up for this is the fact that Elsa will be doing some sort of sexy dance next week.

And although we were Elsa-less, we did have tweet battles, some serious smack talk from a drag queen, and big gay dance routine from Joanna. So some subtle diversions.

Romain and Joanna have a beach-side heart-to-heart about the Mynt drama, and Romain threatens to leave her if she has any more outbursts. More interesting however was when the Adriana flirting came up. Joanna was pretty peeved, but Romain kind of laughed it off saying that guys always hit on her, so it was nice to get some attention for once. Honestly I had to feel for him a little bit. Dating a supermodel does, contrary to what you might think, have it's problems.

Prediction: Joanna's going to hold a slow burn grudge against Adriana.

There's something about Miami moms...I just can't get enough! We got to spend a little more quality time with Karent's mom, Lucero. First off, she's a lush according to Karent. I love a mom who loves wine (cough, cough, Maggie Griffin). And then she launches into a mini tirade against Rodolfo. Karent was devastated when they had split previously, and mama bear Lucero hasn't forgiven him since. Karent just wants the picture perfect family! I feel for her, because who can't relate to dating a non-committal guy?

Prediction: More Lucero to come! And continued Rodolfo relationship woes.


Karent, I think that Adriana is jealous of you because you are so much prettier and more intelligent than she is. Obviously she is a hater, because if she really had a problem with you then she would say it to your face, instead of behind your back like a little grade school mean girl. Keep doing what you are doing, you are beautiful and wonderful, and deserve to have only the best in life, and the best of good friends. 

Erin Valdez


Oh please stop with these mothers.. who the H cares? You can't understand a word either of them is saying and Why why why do we have to listen to the opinions of the Georges,  the Elsas  and now this latest woman, on these shows?   It's hard enough to keep up with the names of these new women. Just have a show for senior citizens if that is your aim so I can steer clear of it.


And I see enough of them.. I'm a senior with my own grown children..the last thing I want to see is more wacky and opinionated  seniors!.