Spice Up Your 'Wives

Between Elsa and Lucero, the Miami moms are becoming the stars of the show.

on Oct 5, 2012

Adriana reveals the fruits of her sexy photo shoot to the art world (and Lea and Karent) -- Adriana's Pandora's Box. I would have thought the artist would have gone a little less..well...suggestive with the title, especially since he didn't go with one of the topless shots. But luckily Lea made the joke, so let's just leave it at that.

While perusing the gallery with Karent, Adriana comes across a famous artist who specializes in kinetic art. (I have to say, it was pretty cool!) After taking a photo with him to tweet to her followers, Karent jumps in for a photo and then the unthinkable happens -- SHE BEATS HER TO THE TWEET. Yes, you read that correctly. Karent totally took down Adriana in a wild west style tweet out. Oh snap. Don't mess with a Housewife and her Twitter, because that is a clear sign of war.

Prediction: Some angry, angry hashtags coming from @adrianathereal.