Spice Up Your 'Wives

Between Elsa and Lucero, the Miami moms are becoming the stars of the show.

on Oct 5, 2012

The ladies then take in some serious culture at a Dali exhibit, where Lisa proclaims she could draw one of them herself and Lenny chuckles saying absolutely not.

Cut to Lea and Elaine talking about the Marysol incident. Alexia and Ana immediately show their support for Team Marysol, and in fact Alexia's reaction is to just bounce. I kind of thought that was a little extreme -- why not at least walk away and enjoy the art? Ana stays to defend her friend and Lea tries to extricate herself from the situation.

Prediction: Marysol vs. Lea and/or Elaine confrontation is imminent.

From one dish-fest to another -- Adriana gives the girls her best Karent impression and explains why she didn't invite her to tonight's event. And thus we come back to "She Beat Me to the Tweet" 2012. I love that those words echoed throughout Miami as we pan away from the gallery.

Prediction: After all the badmouthing, an Adriana/Karent talk is sure to happen any moment now.