Spice Up Your 'Wives

Episode 2: Bravotv.com's Associate Editor was a big fan of all the alternative methods of attracting marriage.

on Sep 21, 2012

Miami is a place full of magic. It is a place where you can get a pheromone-inducing rose petal massage, find love through a rice-throwing ritual, and through the wonders of modern technology discern whether your boyfriend is texting other ladies. So let us dive into this week's episode and see what my sixth Housewives sense tells us is to come.

Karent's looking to get married, and Rodolfo wants to talk about anything other than marriage. Never the best situation to be in, but Karent's got some tricks up her sleeve. And one of those tricks involve a "massage" that consists of getting slathered in honey and having someone strategically place rose petals on your body.

I couldn't help but wonder whether Karent had gotten to the masseuses beforehand to not so subtly mention that it ups your libido and after this "you need to get married." Rodolfo's response is to notice all the roses in the room.

Prediction: Karent's determination and willingness to explore unconventional seduction options leads me to believe she'll eventually get that ring from Rodolfo.