Spice Up Your 'Wives

Episode 2: Bravotv.com's Associate Editor was a big fan of all the alternative methods of attracting marriage.

on Sep 21, 2012

Lisa decides it's time to give Lenny's office an extreme Lisa makeover. And by that I mean she wants to put pictures of herself EVERYWHERE, so that any lady looking to get their boobs examined by her husband knows he's off the market. I especially loved the placement of there wedding photo on his desk facing prospective patients.

What Lisa may not have realized is that all these women's do not have perfect breasts. That's why they're coming to Lenny. So how could anyone ever compete with Lisa's cleavage AKA his finest creation?

Prediction: I'm guessing the photos (at least some) have come down, and that Lisa really has nothing to worry about.

So the awkward part about having your sister live with you is clearly unexpected nudity. Romain flashes his "ding dong and his forest" to Marta accidentally and she flees in terror. Understandable, because seeing your siblings significant other naked? Bleh. But now I think we can say definitively that Joanna and Romain may be the hottest couple ever seen on a Housewives show (or probably any show ever).

The thing I don't understand -- how do they not have an active sex life? Look at them!

Prediction: Romain seemed a little too comfortable flashing Marta. I'm thinking we'll be seeing more nudity at some point.