Spice Up Your 'Wives

Episode 2: Bravotv.com's Associate Editor was a big fan of all the alternative methods of attracting marriage.

on Sep 21, 2012

Is Adriana going to marry Fredric? It looks iffy. She's not wearing her engagement ring when she checks out yachts with Lisa. Elsa picks up on some hesitant vibes from Adriana, and I'm with Elsa on this one. When you're hoping that yacht remodeling will hold of your marriage, you're probably not that attached to the idea.

This did also lead to some wonderful Elsa wisdom when Adriana said she didn't want to depend on a man: "What you have to do is learn to put your head in the right pillow honey. And the right pillow is the one that is full of money." No scrubs for Elsa!

Prediction: Seems that Fredric's got a long wait ahead of him before Adriana is ready to walk down the aisle.

I love a good Elsa energy ritual. Last week we had her energy box, this week we get to witness her bad energy cleansing ritual. Elsa swings by Marysol's office to rid her of the bad juju from the Smith and Wollensky party (although really I think it's Elsa who needs some good vibes after the fainting incident). So armed with some rice and a perfume spritzer, Elsa throws and sprays the office (staff included) with her cleansing supplies. Single ladies take note -- the key to finding your husband is to have someone (preferably Elsa) throw rice at you.

Prediction: I'm hoping we get some new Elsa energy tip each week.