Spice Up Your 'Wives

Bravotv.com's Associate Editor has never seen a resolution with such little resolve.

on Nov 11, 2012

I have only one question: where are Norman and the red broom? If they've exited our Miami lives for good now, I think some sort of spinoff series is in order here. Elsa should somehow be involved as well. Maybe they could cleanse auras by day and solve mysteries by night? I digress.

So after three episodes of event fundraiser parties/galas we are now left gala-less this week. Less nipples and formal wear, alas! What we did get this week was everyone kind of dealing with their lives and issues now that the social calendar has finally opened up a bit.

We start with Joanna playing in a model volleyball tournament. Really they probably could have just turned off the sound during this entire segment, because it was about 10 minutes full of shots of amazing torsos. I honestly couldn't tell you anything that was said until Joanna finished playing and went to talk to Lisa and Karent.

Just as Joanna starts lamenting the fact that Romain didn't come support her, in he walks looking super slamming in some white kind-of capri pants (only Romain can pull those off is my guess). The ladies wisely flee the scene while the love birds hunker down for relationship sit down part two. Joanna apologizes for the lingerie party madness and Romain seems dangerously close to his breaking point with Joanna, telling her she has to stay booze-free when they go out to events together. Asking a proud Polish girl to give up her vodka seems like a tall order, but Joanna seems ready to do anything to make things work.