Spice Up Your 'Wives

Lisa's signature drink, the chambull, is sure to be the next big thing.

on Sep 27, 2012

No Elsa this week? I feel I've been robbed. Luckily there were enough boob talk and beer tears to fill the void. So let us look back on this week's episode and see if my Housewives sense is still tingling.

Does being hot lower sex drive? Evidently. While supermodel Joanna practically forces herself on Romain, he decides it's critical to answer emails about lighting. Good god, man, let the club be dark for a little longer! As Joanna points out, a lot of men would kill to be in his position...

The jilted Joanna scampers off in a huff only to find Marta, who tells her she might move in with Lisa. Not a great morning for Miss Krupa. But honestly, wouldn't she want a break from having her sister around all the time? Maybe that's the reason you're having less ex, because your sister is sitting right outside your bedroom door waiting for you all the time.

Prediction: Romain better show Joanna some sexy times soon, since Joanna's starting to use the other-men-want-me card. Also Marta's totally going to over stay her welcome at Boob Manor AKA Lisa's house.

Rodolfo, Rodolfo, Rodolfo... Maybe not the best move to affirm your relationship and then talk about starting a harem. Especially when your girlfriend is also presumably your dentist.

Prediction: Karent's totally going to "accidentally" go light on the novocaine during Rodolfo's next dentist visit.

Over at Downton Hochstein Abbey, Lisa explains that Daysy's really paid more to be her friend than her housekeeper. And while this sounds odd, it somehow comes across sweet. And who wouldn't be friends with the person who supplies them with unasked for vodka Redbulls?

Prediction: More Redbull in Lisa's future...