Spice Up Your 'Wives

Episode 1: Bravotv.com's Associate Editor makes his own psychic predictions about this season.

on Sep 14, 2012

Miami is back, and I couldn't be more thrilled. This may be one of the most kooky, diverse casts I've ever encountered -- dentists, lawyers, models, Elsas. It makes for quite the spicy mix of magical drama.

Speaking of Elsa, in the spirit of her psychic premonitions, I'll be using my own deep powers of Housewives intuition to make my own predictions about what's to come. So join me as I peer into my crystal ball and reflect on this week's episode.

We start the season with Elsa making a prediction of her own (or at least confirming Marysol's "twice a year" psychic's prediction) that Marysol would meet a lot of new women and that there would be a lot of gossip and trouble. I think it's safe to assume this is true.

(Oh and a doctor told Elsa her ear looks like a banana.)

Prediction: There's lots of gossip and trouble to come.

We then meet one of our new ladies, Ana. She's a feisty Cuban lawyer, chef, and mother. (And yes, she cooks with clean hands.) Ana's self-described "modern family" family seems to be very apt between all the vagina and swinging both ways talk. Oh and the fact that Ana is separated from her husband. And they work together, did I mention that?

Prediction: Given how hectic Ana's life is, I'm guessing she and the ex are going to get into it at some point. How could you not when you work with your ex AND he comes to dinner all the time.