Spice Up Your 'Wives

Episode 1: Bravotv.com's Associate Editor makes his own psychic predictions about this season.

on Sep 14, 2012

Ana comes up again once we meet Karent, the dentist to the stars. Allegedly she's been texting with Karent's Latin lover/soap star boyfriend, Rodolfo Jimenez. Karent's not worried since Rodolfo doesn't go for "older women" (ouch!) and seems pretty secure in their power couple status.

Side Note: That poor patient of Karent's! His head kept squirming around while he tried to talk to her in the chair, and it did not look comfortable.

Prediction: This Rodolfo character is too good looking not to mean trouble. And Karent will do Gloria Estefan's teeth at some point (that one may just be my wishful thinking).

Lea Black's back and buying up some new real estate on Star Island. Unhappy with the investment house she's purchased, she's looking at an entire house renovation which, knowing her, will be no small undertaking.

She also may want to rethink the pool. Why? Take a look at this shot of it and then get back to me.