Spice Up Your 'Wives

Episode 1: Bravotv.com's Associate Editor makes his own psychic predictions about this season.

on Sep 14, 2012

On to Lisa. The wife of one of Miami's premier plastic surgeons (who specializes in boobs) enjoys shopping and spending her day with friend/housekeeper Daysy. We soon learn the perks of living with/working for a plastic surgeon -- on demand Botox and a some elective surgeries as recompense for a job well done.

Lisa and her husband are soon to be residents of Star Island. But wait, isn't someone else moving there too...

Prediction: Rival parties on Star Island between the Hochsteins and the Blacks. Plenty of Daysy hijinks.

Joanna Krupa is one fiery supermodel! When she found out that magazine wasn't giving her the cover, she wasted no time giving them a piece of her mind. Clearly Joanna gets what Joanna wants.

Her hunky, club-owner fiance and her sister, Marta, seem somewhat at odds, which is never good (especially since Marta lives with them).

Prediction: The mix of vodka, clubs, and Marta/Romain tension is bound to lead to one serious fight (at least).

We can only say one thing about Adriana -- SHE'S ON A BOAT! Or at least she may be living on one if Frederic can manage to fit a Baby Grand piano and a walk in closet on it.

Prediction: Adriana doesn't seem too stoked about the nautical lifestyle, so I'm expecting some serious stalling.