Spice Up Your 'Wives

Episode 1: Bravotv.com's Associate Editor makes his own psychic predictions about this season.

on Sep 14, 2012

Elsa's dog Napoleon was lost, and somehow after all the fuss about not giving out Elsa's number to the "perverts" of Miami on the missing dog posters, he is miraculously found...in the closet. Evidently he found his way into some Xanax and took a nice nap for a few days.

There's so much to say about the ensuing scene in which Elsa dispenses wisdom and introduces us to her energy box, but the most important takeaway is that "the world is a wonder!" (Just do yourself a favor and watch the clip.)

Prediction: Napoleon will get lost again, that much is clear.

Finally the girls all get together, introductions are given, and then Elsa faints. Not exactly the most propitious start to these new friendships.

Prediction: Elsa will be fine. (Don't worry we know for a fact she is.)