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The Angriest Apology - Ep 10

A Therapeutic Season for Alexia

Lea's Final Thoughts on the Season

Lea's Double Standards

Hoping to Move Forward with Lea

An X-Rated Reunion

Lisa's Vegas Regret

Joanna's Perfect Day

Lea and the Beefy Bus Boy Duo

Lea's Lip Service

Lisa's "Peacemaker" Problems

Alexia's Not Sweating the Small Stuff

Real Friends Don't Hold Grudges

A Fun Party, Minus the Distractions

Apologizing to Lea

Alexia's Anniversary Celebration

Lisa Loves Texas

Meet Joanna's New Puppy!

Lea's Walk Down Memory Lane

Adriana's Wedding Full of Waiting

Adriana's Two Loves

May Adriana Live Happily Ever After

Romain's Troubled Past

Alexia's Birthday Drama

Meet Dr. Sex Therapist Lisa

The Wedding Evite Explained

Targeted by the Hate Club

Lisa's Button-Pushing Behavior

Peter's Healing Process

Lenny's Lipo

Lea's Over the Haters

Adriana's Difficult Past

Joanna Talks Role Playing

Update on Elsa

Recovering Frankie and Peter

Lisa's Bridesmaid Ultimatum

Joanna's Outright Insult

The Birkin Bag Bonanza

Adriana's Glamorous 'Great Gatsby' Wedding

Lisa's In-Law Issues

Shocked by Lea's Secrets

The Angriest Apology - Ep 10's Associate Editor has never seen a resolution with such little resolve.

I have only one question: where are Norman and the red broom? If they've exited our Miami lives for good now, I think some sort of spinoff series is in order here. Elsa should somehow be involved as well. Maybe they could cleanse auras by day and solve mysteries by night? I digress.

So after three episodes of event fundraiser parties/galas we are now left gala-less this week. Less nipples and formal wear, alas! What we did get this week was everyone kind of dealing with their lives and issues now that the social calendar has finally opened up a bit.

We start with Joanna playing in a model volleyball tournament. Really they probably could have just turned off the sound during this entire segment, because it was about 10 minutes full of shots of amazing torsos. I honestly couldn't tell you anything that was said until Joanna finished playing and went to talk to Lisa and Karent.

Just as Joanna starts lamenting the fact that Romain didn't come support her, in he walks looking super slamming in some white kind-of capri pants (only Romain can pull those off is my guess). The ladies wisely flee the scene while the love birds hunker down for relationship sit down part two. Joanna apologizes for the lingerie party madness and Romain seems dangerously close to his breaking point with Joanna, telling her she has to stay booze-free when they go out to events together. Asking a proud Polish girl to give up her vodka seems like a tall order, but Joanna seems ready to do anything to make things work.The day has finally come for Ana and her ex to part ways from their joint practice. Up until now Ana's showed off her tough sarcastic exterior, but we see a different side once she breaks down when packing up her things. And understandably so! It's not an easy thing to end your routine of twenty years, especially when it's tied up with an ex you care deeply about.

But of course they both still manage to crack jokes while Ana weeps, turning the whole scene tragicomic. Overall it leaves you thinking partly that they're meant to be and partly like they're making the right decision in moving on.

We go from sad to even sadder as Lea breaks down when she learns they have to put down her beloved dog, Leroy. You can tell she's really heartbroken and it's hard to watch.

In what is now becoming a Bravo trend (Madison from MDL, Phaedra from RHOA) Lea throws a dog funeral. It's very cute and tasteful, and there's a welcome moment of levity when Adriana translates Freda's eulogy -- evidently she used to be petrified of Leroy, who was perhaps the cutest little pup ever.

Since Norman's aura cleansing efforts were evidently only temporary, Alexia calls a Housewives summit to try and hash out everyone's issues. I love when these big let's-get-together-and-fix-this events occur. Why? Because big group events are where all these problems spring from, so calling a meeting to revisit these issues usually ends just as badly (if not worse) than the incident that led them there.

In any event, Karent's much criticized article gets criticized even more, this time from Marysol. When Karent tries to explain herself, she gets cut off, which sparks Joanna to speak up, which then gets Adriana involved, and suddenly we've flashed past people's issue with Karent and gone straight to the main event -- the lingerie party bitch slap. Adriana and Joanna (unsurprisingly) both view the events of the incident differently. Just when things seem to be escalating uncomfortably, they're then just apologizing to each other. What? But don't be fooled -- that is the angriest apology I have ever seen. They both keep saying they want to move on, yet simultaneously continue to give each other side eye.

I'm guessing Lisa's enthusiastic shouts of glee over how they've made peace were premature.

Next week it's an Elsa/Thomas smackdown. Who would have guessed after they danced so beautifully together?

Lea's Double Standards

Adriana explains why she was so surprised by Joanna and Lea's behavior.

I would like to start by saying that I tried my best to bond with Joanna and remain friendly after attending her bachorelette party and wedding. I truly was hoping for a budding friendship. All season long, she criticized me in her weekly blogs, criticized my wedding, and even then I took the high road and didn't engage in the low blows and continued hostility she has demonstrated towards me for a while now. However, I couldn’t stay quiet any longer when she started to attack my credibility. Enough is enough! I've learned that bullies like her will not stop the attack until you stand your ground. She showed me her true colors when she stated she wanted “to rip my head off.” Such aggressive behavior like that could no longer be ignored. Joanna is always stating that she is beautiful and because of that she thinks she has license to act UGLY!

Furthermore, I couldn't remain silent while she was attacking Lisa and being so cold to her and her struggle with infertility. Claiming that Lisa is a party girl and is always drinking is not the attitude of a friend. Joanna and Lisa had been friends and even had dinner together the night before and all was well between them, until Joanna decided to turn on Lisa... I was shocked, how can a friend blatantly attack her friend with such coldness?! She should not talk about things she knows nothing about!

Another shocker was to see Lea sitting there silently and not coming to Lisa's defense... She crucified me this season and did a complete character assassination of my person for not speaking up when Ana attacked her last year, so I was very surprised to see her do the exact same thing to her new bestie... Double standards, as usual!

In conclusion, don't judge others unless you have walked a mile in their shoes!