Alexia Echevarria

Alexia explains how this season really helped her family's healing process.

on Nov 15, 2013

So it's that time again! REUNION... What can I say? As expected, to say there was drama is an UNDERSTATEMENT! LOL! It would not be a Miami reunion without any. You always go into these things expecting that we will all walk away and it will be peaches and cream, but the only peachy thing that came out of this reunion was the color of our blush. The energy and tension was so present during filming, it was not a fun environment on and off camera. There was so much chaos that I had no other option than to try to sit back and not feed into it, not that I had a second to chime in… I couldn’t get a single word in with all these ladies yelling over each other!

It's not worth it. I won't fight other people's battles, especially if I feel it's useless, unimportant, and I am not going to accomplish anything. I'm not saying that my problems are more important than theirs, I'm just saying that mine are mine and they are real problems, so I won't bother. I have enough with mine. The past is the past and you can't hold on to it if you want to move forward.

For me particularly, as I have stated before, this season was very therapeutic for me, because I got to really share my personal challenges and progress with my family after Frankie's accident. I also feel liberated, because I finally was able to speak about something that happened 23 years ago that I was so ashamed of and had caused so much pain in my life and in my son Peter's life. I am so glad that all of you, my fans, got to see this, because I know that I'm not alone. I am eternally grateful for all of the incredible people showing support and sharing their own stories and how I have served as inspiration to them. That is what it’s all about!

Another subject I got to speak about at the reunion was my ex-husband Peter (Peter and Frankie's Dad) and our past. It was a very trying time for me; I struggled with acceptance, being a single mother, and loving someone enough to stand behind them and wait around. I kept his past from my kids for too long and maybe that was a mistake, but I am human and no one is perfect in life. I felt I was doing the correct thing by protecting them.