Alexia Echevarria

Alexia shares her thoughts on all the conflict at her Venue party.

on Sep 2, 2013

So Adriana's story continues to get juicier… The only story I know and I'm believing is the one about her son Alex. It's the only one that makes sense to me. I'm a mother of two boys, and when I met Herman, they were 3 and 7 years old and they too gave me a very hard time. Except I didn't live with or marry Herman right away like she did. I waited 3 years until Peter and Frankie and I were ready. Adriana told me she decided to call things off as well as Frederic because of her son Alex. He didn't want her to marry Frederic at that time, because it was too soon and he was giving her a hard time. This started bringing problems and fights into their relationship, so they decided to call it off . They had gotten married civilly so it was too late, but they decided to keep it to themselves and just tell people they weren't doing it and never told Alex. I could honestly see a mom doing that, regretting it, and wanting to take it back even though it was too late.

What I am now confused about is the fact that it is a big deal NOW if they continued as a couple living together and everyone knew it? To me the piece of paper is just that, a piece of paper. To me the important thing is their love and commitment was there. They lived together the 3 of them under the same roof and as a family, married or not. I feel like Lisa right now – CONFUSED! In my eyes, they have always been married, piece of paper or not.