Alexia Echevarria

Alexia opens up about the current status of her relationship with Peter.

on Oct 2, 2013

We are so strong and together now. I feel that our relationship had to go through that to get to where it is at today. Keep in mind, this was filmed 6 months ago. We speak to each other and listen to each other. There's that respect, love, and trust that we had always had. I feel like I have my old Peter back. A sweet loving one. That anger and not caring is not present. He's motivated and continues to be an important part in Frankie s recovery. Even the lyrics in his music are nicer. I'm not ashamed of anything I've shown, as a matter of fact, I'm finally proud today. This has been a healing process for both him and I.

Peter and Frankie both have a loving relationship with their Dad, who lives in Miami and is very much involved in their lives. Frankie’s accident brought us all closer. He's been amazing. I tell my kids now that they are the luckiest boys in this world, because they have two dads -- Herman and their Dad!
Also, I'm not going to concentrate on or talk about all the wrong things that I've done or Peter has done anymore. I'm going to think about all the right and good things I've done and Peter too. I might have made a lot of bad choices, but I've also made a lot of choices that were correct. No more guilt for me! Peter had never been in trouble with the law until after his brother’s accident, and my mother figures out in her talk to him that his "acting out" is due to that. He was manifesting his pain into anger, "acting out” and unconsciously punishing himself. I don't feel his father’s past and him finding out extent and details of his father’s past affected him nearly as much as his brother’s tragedy.

Peter this week has his last and final interview at a radio station. He is a “work in progress” like many other you adults today living in this crazy world that get lost for different reasons. Please don't give up on yours. We cannot give up on our kids and the youth of our country!