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Peter's Healing Process

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Lea's Double Standards

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Peter's Healing Process

Alexia opens up about the current status of her relationship with Peter.

Hey everyone! I apologize for the lateness, but I’ve been busy in New York City with a press tour. I'm on my way back to Miami and have a little time to write this now.

So another emotional episode with Peter. As I look at this, I cry, of course, and at the same time I realize how that moment was necessary and way over due in order for us to heal, bond, and move on. Peter and I had never had a moment like that where I opened up and explained my pain and fears. I never wanted him to judge me, and I've never liked for my kids to see me cry. Even when Frankie was in the hospital and in a coma, I would go into the bathroom and turn on the water and cry my head off. When Peter visited I would put on a happy, strong face and try not to cry while he was sobbing in tears.

We are so strong and together now. I feel that our relationship had to go through that to get to where it is at today. Keep in mind, this was filmed 6 months ago. We speak to each other and listen to each other. There's that respect, love, and trust that we had always had. I feel like I have my old Peter back. A sweet loving one. That anger and not caring is not present. He's motivated and continues to be an important part in Frankie s recovery. Even the lyrics in his music are nicer. I'm not ashamed of anything I've shown, as a matter of fact, I'm finally proud today. This has been a healing process for both him and I.

Peter and Frankie both have a loving relationship with their Dad, who lives in Miami and is very much involved in their lives. Frankie’s accident brought us all closer. He's been amazing. I tell my kids now that they are the luckiest boys in this world, because they have two dads -- Herman and their Dad!
Also, I'm not going to concentrate on or talk about all the wrong things that I've done or Peter has done anymore. I'm going to think about all the right and good things I've done and Peter too. I might have made a lot of bad choices, but I've also made a lot of choices that were correct. No more guilt for me! Peter had never been in trouble with the law until after his brother’s accident, and my mother figures out in her talk to him that his "acting out" is due to that. He was manifesting his pain into anger, "acting out” and unconsciously punishing himself. I don't feel his father’s past and him finding out extent and details of his father’s past affected him nearly as much as his brother’s tragedy.

Peter this week has his last and final interview at a radio station. He is a “work in progress” like many other you adults today living in this crazy world that get lost for different reasons. Please don't give up on yours. We cannot give up on our kids and the youth of our country! I was expecting to have a great time at Adriana's bachelorette party, because besides the problems I may have and the tears I shed, I like to have fun and enjoy my friends and the happy moments. I was really surprised that she only had us four girls to celebrate with and how calm everything was. I was even more surprised with the burning of the wedding dress ceremony. Adriana never stops surprising us... It took a couple of shots and "cockies" to get the party started and get into the mood. It turned out to be an unusual and fun night after all.

I was so excited to know that Elsa was finally coming home. I know that feeling of relief, happiness, and fear that Marysol was feeling. I lived it with Frankie and will always remember our first day back home. I wanted to help Marysol and be there for her. She asked me to go over to her Mom's house and help her cleanse the house spiritually with sage. Sage is used in the church, and I remember as a child my mom burning sage and incense to cleanse the house, so I was totally fine with it. Marysol is very spiritual just like Elsa. I loved seeing Elsa again with Marysol. We have all waited for this moment for a long time and pray she continues up the ladder in her recovery.

I leave you today with this thought: "I've have had dreams and I've had nightmares. I overcame the nightmares because of my dreams." Please do the same!

God Bless,
Besos (Kisses),
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Lea's Double Standards

Adriana explains why she was so surprised by Joanna and Lea's behavior.

I would like to start by saying that I tried my best to bond with Joanna and remain friendly after attending her bachorelette party and wedding. I truly was hoping for a budding friendship. All season long, she criticized me in her weekly blogs, criticized my wedding, and even then I took the high road and didn't engage in the low blows and continued hostility she has demonstrated towards me for a while now. However, I couldn’t stay quiet any longer when she started to attack my credibility. Enough is enough! I've learned that bullies like her will not stop the attack until you stand your ground. She showed me her true colors when she stated she wanted “to rip my head off.” Such aggressive behavior like that could no longer be ignored. Joanna is always stating that she is beautiful and because of that she thinks she has license to act UGLY!

Furthermore, I couldn't remain silent while she was attacking Lisa and being so cold to her and her struggle with infertility. Claiming that Lisa is a party girl and is always drinking is not the attitude of a friend. Joanna and Lisa had been friends and even had dinner together the night before and all was well between them, until Joanna decided to turn on Lisa... I was shocked, how can a friend blatantly attack her friend with such coldness?! She should not talk about things she knows nothing about!