Joanna Krupa

Joanna vows to fight Romain's prenup in the name of love and wants to give Adriana another chance at friendship.

on Aug 19, 2013

Hi guys!

Well, well, well, Romain with his surprises! Now I know why the car, the was to smooth talk me into signing a prenup!

Here I am, super excited to spend most of my time in Miami to plan the wedding, and he throws me this bombshell! I understand why people sign prenups if one person is more successful than the other. But from the moment Romain and I got engaged, we said our love is much stronger than a prenup and there is no reason to sign one, since we are equally successful.  Never in my life would I expect him to hit me with this unpleasant surprise. Trust me, I won't give in without a fight.

I am not shocked at all about how the meeting with Lea and Adriana went. It seems Adriana loves to put the blame on everyone else but herself. I experienced that with her last year, and it seems that Lea is getting a taste of the real Adriana. Adriana turned everything on Lea, as if she is the one that did something wrong here, instead of just being grateful for Lea being a good, loyal friend to someone that she thought was a struggling single mom.