Joanna Krupa

Joanna may be grateful for her new hubby, but that doesn't stop her from sounding off on Adriana's marriage.

on Aug 12, 2013

I am very grateful in a weird way for the unpleasant things that happened between Romain and I last year, because they saved our relationship and made us realize that we were taking each other for granted. It made Romain and I realize that we can't imagine life without one another and decide to finally set a wedding date after six years. Marta, my partner in crime, moved out to PA to live with her boyfriend and I truly miss her. 

I haven't seen much of the girls besides Karent, Lea, and Lisa over the summer. I wasn't looking forward to seeing Adriana after all the drama with her last year -- since my life has been drama free and the last thing I want now is to bring it all up again. But being in this circle of friends, I don't have much choice but to see Adriana face to face. In a perfect world I would never see her again, as I don't need people around me that talk behind my back and try to hurt me intentionally. Life's too short to hate and be jealous or envy others, but I guess not everyone follows that motto...