Joanna Krupa

Joanna reveals how she felt playing Natalia the Russian ballerina.

on Sep 30, 2013

After my trip back from LA, I thought a lot about what my mom said and also about the fact that Romain made amends with Frederic. That got me thinking and that is why I deiced to have a sit down lunch meeting with Adriana and try to work out our issues and past harassments. I hate having the horrible knot in my stomach every time I know I am going to see her. I wanted once and for all to sit down and move forward from this, since I am focused on my career and wedding and don't have the time nor the energy to keep going back in circles over the same thing over and over again.

I won’t lie, I was super nervous how the lunch would turn out and if she would understand why I feel the way I do and if she would sincerely apologize to me. I was on the fence, since I thought her apology in Bimini was sincere and turned out not to be. I don't have time in my life for hate and bad energy, and I only try to surround myself with good people, but I do believe in second chances and that is why I want to give that opportunity to her. I am not planning on being her best friend, but I want to move forward from this and focus on the important things in my life.