Joanna Krupa

Joanna explains why she wanted Lisa to choose either her wedding or Adriana's.

on Sep 24, 2013

I was thrilled to go to LA to plan my wedding and also see my mom and my six rescue dogs, which I missed deeply. Traveling with Lisa and Lea definitely made the flight anything but dull. I was excited to introduce the girls to my LA life and why I love it so much there. Of course when we got to my home the girls were greeted with my six rescue dogs and some from my own animal rescue with my rescue partner Gabriela Gutierrez. Welcome to the KRUPA ZOO LOL! Make sure to check out all the animals that are available under our rescue at

Lisa was staying with me and I was happy to have her stay in order for her to get to know my mom, but I won’t lie, I was scared she was going to be high maintenance and complain about her room (I remember that from our trip to Bimini), so I asked my mom to make sure to go to the store before we arrive to buy the most comfortable pillow bedding and bathroom towels and also buy new accessories for the bathroom to make sure Lisa would be comfortable.